Shatrunjay-Hastgiri Hills State Level Trekking & Training Program

About The Hastagiri: Hastagiri temple is very beautiful temple located on top of the Hastagiri Mountain in Shatrunjay Hills Range. It is believed that Jain God Adinath prabhu has visited this place for many occasions. Charan Paduka (Footprints) of about 13 inches of Shri Adishwar Bhagwan is present here.

About The Shetrunji: The temple covered Shetrunji hill, 2000 ft over Palitana town, believed to span 863 shrines in all has some really exquisite marble temples of great religious and artistic importance, containing arches, carved pillars and bejeweled idols. The temples date from 11th to the 20th century. The temple can be reached by either stepped devotee route or through ancient jungle route from back of the Hill. Palitana town is a good place to shop for textile related handicrafts and has a Jain kala sansta.


DURATION: 3 Days / 2 Nights (Fees Rs.1500) 21 to 23 September, 2018

REPORTING ON: 21st September, 18, 4pm Onwards


REPORTING PLACE: Jain Bhuvan, Opp. Nagnath Temple, Taleti Road, Palitana

Please contact Ahmedabad Main Unit Office for Registration.

Shatrunjay-Hastgiri Hills

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