• FAQs

1. What is a Youth Hostel ?
A Youth Hostel is good quality budget accommodation that offers a comfortable night’s sleep in friendly surroundings at an affordable price. Youth Hostels provide the perfect way to get to know a country at low cost and meet with many other people who share your attitude towards traveling.

2. What is Hostelling International ?
Hostelling International is the brand name of the not-for-profit organization the International Youth Hostel Federation (IYHF) and its member associations. Our name is your reassurance of good quality budget accommodation that you can trust – simply look for the famous blue triangle sign!

3. Do I have to become a member to stay in a youth hostel ?
Hostelling International is a membership organization. Members receive many benefits in addition to staying cheaply in hostels.

4. How can I join Hostelling International ?
Ideally you should join the National Youth Hostel Association in your country,In India YHAI is the main body. For joining us, you have have to fulfill the requirement. For more details, please e mail us.

5. Do I need to book accommodation in advance ?
We understand how important it is to be sure of your accommodation before you leave home, and recommend advance booking during high season and in popular destinations. YHAI’s IBN International Booking Network enables you to book your accommodation up to six months in advance at around 500 hostels in over 50 countries.

6. How do I find out about hostels around the world ?
You can visit the website www.iyhf.org for the details about the youth hostels around.

7. Do age limits exist ?
Youth Hostels are open to everyone. However age limits may apply for children in some places – check with the hostel. Young people may be given priority when the hostel is nearly full. Only in Bavaria, Germany is access limited to individual travellers under the age of 26 – families and groups with at least one minor are welcome.